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Work: Hospital Administrator at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital Kid: Rachel, 3Lesson: There’s no “right time”—to have a kid, to let your staffer know you lust for him, to have an affair. Her fiancé AJ’s unexpected death was heartbreaking, and the candor with which Kandi spoke to daughter Riley about it was devastating.

Not every hospital head squeezes into cleavage-baring tops, butt-hugging suits and precariously impractical stilettos. (and not every hospital has brilliant diagnostician—and serious sourpuss—Dr. Cuddy runs things as she chooses, adopts a child when she’s ready, dates a yutz when she feels like it and finally consummates her long-awaited romance with the terrible-yet-tasty House just because, well, finally. But Kandi sets herself apart from the chronic smack-talking by being far and away the most together of the Georgia crew. On the job, Kandi stays honest, launching a raunchy sex-geared web talk show.

Well, when you're living in the Smash Mansion, life is anything but normal, and when you're a guy like Robin who just wants to live a normal life as a house manager, there's always a certain someone who likes to screw around with you, but you just can't figure out why you really like them. What if Peter Parker could live as Spider-Man full time? Instead of going into Starfleet, Jim, Spock, Bones, Sulu, Chekov and Scotty they are Scientist and Doctors and Astronauts and Pilots.

Find out what happens when smashers stop fighting..start getting real in this (not really animated) sitcom. ": Meet Brick Jojo, here to tell the tale of his marriage to his lovely bride. It's like he's got a magic eight ball, and he can shake it and look into it and go, aha, here are my two single friends, and bam! Welcome to the world of Friendvengers, where what-ifs and headcanons creep into daily life. Jim and Spock share an apartment and Nyota moves in next door.

"Brick, have you never heard of the old saying down here... Now meet Berserk Plutonium: Brick's long suffering " big sister" here to tell the "REAL" story of how Brick got the girl... This is alternative ending to Nisekoi Where we get the Harem ending, This will fun episodic slice-of-life comedy about one guy, and five girls live together happy ever after, How this family will work it out? The answer is here in this Fan Fic, Read it, It will not bite you. Jerry Seinfeld is an average citizen, tired of the sanitary conditions of the city. Slowly, Jerry is dying and he realises that he must do something or his friends may meet the same sticky end. George Washington has a dark secret and it's revelation means certain death. Jim's and Spock's friends Bones, Sulu, Chekov and Scotty are geeks and dorks, they love comic books and Dn D and other geeky things.

You try to take one nice family vacation, and what happens? Next thing you know, your brood gains superpowers and becomes the second coming of the X-Men. In between saving the world, preventing crime and thwarting evil villains, a normal family dinner can seem pretty extraordinary.

It’s a given that she loves and is devoted to her son, but sometimes you need a little backup—like someone to help get your kid to be Burt Reynolds for Halloween.

So she gets by with a little help from her friends, who all form a ragtag extended family, with sheepish teen Travis at its center.

What do you get when you’re a kid who has telepathy? Superpowers—and a super high-powered career—are no match for love, support and consistency.

Work: Entrepreneur** Kids:** Aaron, Lester and Nell, all little ones Lesson: Be your own biggest advocate, and don’t let your husband’s other wives tell you what to do.Work: Attending general surgeon at Seattle Grace Hospital Kid: Tuck, 4Lesson: Keep your cool, no matter how many life-and death dramas you face. Bailey is the voice of reason on this always angsty hospital melodrama.