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18-Jan-2020 03:24

Before the web, fans acquired VHS tapes from pen pals in Japan and drove for days to get to annual anime conventions.

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Japanese culture is deeply embedded in underground Internet communities like 4chan, partially because the initial scarcity of anime in the West drove anime nerds to the web to find information about their hobby—but also because certain strains of anime lean towards the transgressive, and transgression loves company.I’m no psychologist, but it seems the attraction to cute, childlike anime girls is driven by a fear of real women.These cartoons don’t talk back, they don’t judge, and they’re innocent and trusting.She looks like a doll or a lollipop with a curl of ice cream or something on her head. Also she is good at doing/saying really cute things, especially things boys like. I stumble on one poster who insists that his infatuation with a particular anime character from a series called Magical Do Re Mi is based on the strength of her character as depicted in the show: A lot of it has to do with her selflessness and personal sacrifice for others.

This is best showcased in the beginning of Sharp when she’s taking care of Hana at night, while still juggling school and her idol work. Her straightforwardness can come in handy sometimes too.

One of the more recent social experiments on 4chan, the /adv/ board is a crowd-sourced advice column. Sometimes they’re snarky and mean, but in a lighthearted, creative way.

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