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In a sample of 300 contributions 40 (13.3%) concerned greeting.

Since “silence” in a chat room is even more apparent and oppresive than in face-to-face communication, exaggerated greeting often takes place only in order to “say” something and thus to get over a pause in a conversation.

There is an unwritten rule that one should not intentionally steal nicknames. In the following sample of a chat conversation a user had adopted the nickname of a regular participant ~*Kayleigh~* and tried to strike up a conversation with ~*Kayleigh~*’s friend ROBBO: [4] The netiquette of salutation on chat does not correspond to the greeting rules in etiquette.

In real life, entering a room without saying hello is considered to be impolite.

On chat greeting is rather optional; it depends on personal liking, whether we know somebody in the room, the number of the participants in the room, etc.

No rule states whether it is the newcomer or the members of the room who greets first.

In chat rooms with fewer participants greeting is more likely to take place, especially when the participants already know each other.

In this sample the user ~FIFI~ first greets her friends DILLA and ROBBO and then the rest of the room: In some cases when the conversation in the room is dying away, the participants welcome the newcomers hoping they might initiate a new discussion.

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Some of the attributes are statistically processed.This is presumably due to the fact that chat is an informal environment and everybody is equal there.On chat it is for obvious reasons impossible to follow the basic conventions where it is the man or the younger person who shows respect.Likewise, it is not considered unbecoming when a newcomer joins the discussion without any previous notice - here I mean not only greeting but also introducing ourselves.

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What is the most unusual in real life has become common in chat.

In the following sample of a chat conversation 8 participants made 21 remarks and none of them moved the discussion forward: Generally, saying goodbye is more likely to take place than saying hello. Firstly, many users consider leaving the discussion without salutation to be more impolite than entering it.