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:il — Kclcliunr-llc Timrtuated- f mm" lliilil "1 ll Rb School In I'Jfiri and atlendcd the College ttf . He was a dra Ttsnian lor a Twin Falls eonstmctlnn tonipany. Friends may call at the Farmer Oiflpel Monday unl 11 8 p.m. Bi Rler of the Prcshylerian Clijjrch of- fk-latlnc. Calif., died white visllln R '^i-nr Mi herearrei Tr Eri Drnilness: Born In En Ktond on Jan. —Survivors (ncfudcthrcc-dau Rhlcntr Mntr-^T Lawrbncc . Hills spent winlen In Arizona and tiad lived In Jerome far llie post two years. Nozarenc Oiurcti and the Mve-Lonn dnd Like It aub In Nampn. Hills then worked in nn Oregon Bawmlll and kltir proved up Rll acres near Richfield for an undo and Ihcn ,.

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and (irandchlldrcn, y Funeral scn'lces will be Mond A al i" -p.m.

Twin Falls, died al Mok Ic Valley Memorial Hospital Friday follnwlnft a Innft Illness, ' Bornat Stoples.

He was a life member of Gideon Bible Intematinnal and a momlcr n[ Wyc Uff As-socialcs.

Nitr in- spectors Is probfllily a faclllly at Apollo. In Inte l UM iv mnpnhy-eiillod NMKC was ■ (ornu'd by (iirce former ARP s^'Jenlisls leri liv Dr. a pmjcci Inter scriiif|x' additional steps forward toward a . Attorney Gcnem I Wayne Kld M-ell and Swrclnry or Slate I'ele Cennmim mre nl Mcni ul Mon- day's ntcellnff. TKe governor said he suggesled Board nr Correction orilclols sliould brirp llio miillcr \o- Die allcnlionaflhcpcoplc of flooding. In Nevada or In federal prisons oui of stale because llicre are no "eqiinl nui separate" facnillniin Idlili(ORovemariinld, Last session's legislature direcied the Boon), or Corrections lo look for n nou- prison faelllty (or Idatio-^'omen convicts, and Ihe Slate l J\na Board wnn(« lo find :t permnneni itse fot'ihc old liircc-hulldln R fuuliily, Rul ncltlipr Ixiiird has ennlnclcd nnynno In fiix)f11n Ciil Kiul lhi'pmpn.snl, - Wrtlkir sold sj'mpalhlu's w;llh tlic- Stotc Land Board's Intercsl In gelling rid ol Uic 7,200 yearly mnintcnance cds Is. *■ ■: ■- 1 ■ - '■ The Dcparlmeni ot Health and Wtlliire malnlains offices on Ibe, lli'Ilixir and the .

the nmount Dial could be made Inton smoll niomic bnmb, u'nujcl (it Into •a container sllgtitly larecr llian a (cneul)." Fuel labr lcatlnn 'tor Ulie submarine n'm-lors ""Hiitw'p Bfttr Tir THWtrarwtcjri Hrou Brtoui- tiip- counlry, but llie one most familiar in . ' Tilt- full A- or what iiii K luipprni'il ill Apiillii Is sill! ■ Asked for ii ffiinmfiil.' a Uit-kiivrr suiikesnian sold dial this I. The responsibillly to safeguard nuclear fuels In ihc unrnvel Ihe iiiysle Vlesor Apiillo. They pun-liiised nil old tileei fiiliricallou pitiiil nt Apnllo and iie^nn lo ko IIl'II novemmcnl conlrae Lv (n pro(i-s.fc;in In wtiri T al Hiiit Ihsncm In'lhcplniit durhi R Ibi' early ."ais. MKC was proees Hln R'a lar Ro (|ii(in Hly of lil Rhly enriched uranium for use in ii iiuulenr nwkel cii IIm I Nervu. proposal requires a (u U ailcndanee of Ilic Und ninnril. Slie was also' preceded In death hy one brolher Funeral ■scn'lces will t)c ol 111 a.m.

Jerome, died Friday a\ ji mirs In R Itnmc (olldwlng a brief Illneiis, Bom Sept.