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It looked like this film was very physically uncomfortable for you. I mean everything was really, really uncomfortable.

Brothers & Sisters is loving the real-life chemistry.

The Unborn star Odette Yustman isn't a household name—yet—but if you saw Cloverfield (she played Beth), you know the girl can scream. It's just like I wanted to make her seem as real and as genuinely terrified and scared as possible. the running and having to deal with the weather conditions. Yustman: He really did a lot of research, and you know, telling me about all the exorcism and then dating back to Auschwitz and ... Which, you know, helped me so much getting into the character. You went on You Tube to look at videos of an actual exorcism. Like maybe some people, I mean, maybe they were joking around with me, who knows what kind of s--t they were trying to pull.

She married Brothers & Sisters star Dave Annable on October 10, 2010.Clay goes through the final stage of his training in SEAL Team, titled "Borderlines." During the training, he hallucinates two important men in his life in hopes of escaping the realities of the things happening to him.On this episode of Empire, titled "Fortune Be Not Crost," the entire Lyon family supports Hakeem as he goes to court to fight for custody of Bella, a former Empire Entertainment artist returns and Diana continues to plot to take down the Lyon family.And, in a scene certain to become a horror movie classic, she has a medieval-looking medical device stuck into her eyeball. ' I said, "It's OK, we're just going to do one take, and I'll do it, too.' Then we did like eight takes, and then we ran out of time." Goyer's grin shows he takes almost too much glee in the scenario. You could maybe go to the library and research there, but I thought, more so than books or anything like that, I thought I would go to You Tube and actually see some actual footage of real exorcisms that were being performed by real people. I was in my bedroom watching it, with the lights off. And all this weird stuff happened on set, too, including an actual earthquake while you were shooting in an old abandoned mental hospital in Chicago? We were like, "What's going on here, why can't people just pull it together? And then we would get ahold of everybody, nobody was talking. A lot of times on these kinds of movies people make this stuff up, too.

Director Goyer smiles broadly when asked about subjecting the poor girl to such treatment. He just didn't tell her what was going to happen until she got to the set that day. "I used to spring that on her at the last minute, and, in fact, that particular day, we were in an ophthalmologist's lab, and the ophthalmologist was our sort of tech advisor on the day, and I said, 'Is there anything really uncomfortable we could do to her now? "No, I didn't do it." But Goyer is nevertheless effusive in his praise of the 23-year-old actress from Los Angeles. I think the camera loves her, and audiences find her sympathetic, so it was pretty unanimous when she did her audition. And it was clear that there was some sort of something, you know, while we were shooting. one of our crew guys was walking down these stairs and took a picture, and when he developed it, or when it showed up on the digital camera, it was like two hands that were like grabbing on to some[one].

She played a young Spanish-speaking student named Rosa. Other of her works includes the fox comedy, Breaking In and House and ABC drama pilot Westside. She is American and is a multiracial American because of her Cuban mother and father of Italian and French descent.