Wsus server clients not updating

22-Mar-2020 02:18

This is nicely explained in a blog post from back in 2008!If your WSUS is already in working order, your Windows 10 machines should be registering, but, will likely show no status for updates.If after 10 -15 minutes these entries are not logged, repeat these steps one more time.I have been working on WSUS and Windows 10 for the last few days, following some rather annoying updates to newly deployed Surface Pro devices, and more importantly a grumbling comment from a co-worker ‘can’t we automate this stuff anymore? With hotfixes, tweaks and dances required and failing to get Windows 10 talking and working with WSUS consistently it perhaps was no surprise that i had opted to point 10 directly to Windows update and only control the schedule and ring, rather than the more traditional granular approach taken with Windows 7 and 8.Make sure inside x86 and x64 you have a Win7SP1 folder.If you find it is missing you can grab it from the Win SXS folder, look for a folder named amd64_updateservices-selfupdate-x64-win7sp1 inside here are the CAB files you will need.If you can't check to see if you need a proxy exception to bypass the proxy for the WSUS server.We’re using WSUS 3.0 to update our environment with the latest Windows Updates. The majority was downloaded and after rebooting the server when these updates were installed, windows update failed to detect and download the rest of the required updates within a reasonable amount of time.

First thing we need to do is make sure your server is patched to support Windows 10. KB3159706 includes manual steps to complete, which are: You may find these changes are already present, if not enter those highlighted, and save the file. We need to make some adjustments to IIS which we can do with Power Shell.Neither of which were working to support Windows 10.When logging in to it to begin working on Windows 10, i noticed that not many clients had actually reported status. Clients not reporting is again another issue that plagues WSUS administrators the world over with various fixes and tweaks. Windows 10 and WSUS has been a pain for me since it was released.

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The client that we had just deployed the Surfaces to, already had WSUS running to patch around 150 Windows 7 Desktops and Laptops.

Open the WSUS console and run a Synchronisation, and make sure it succeeds. If you are using SCCM and WSUS together, check the Software Update point Synchronisations in SCCM.

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