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Throughout its run, Living Single became one of the most popular African-American sitcoms of its era, ranking among the top five in African-American ratings in all five seasons.The series was produced by Yvette Lee Bowser's company, Sister Lee, in association with Warner Bros. In contrast to the popularity of NBC's "Must See TV"—first on Sunday nights and then later on Thursday nights in the 1990s—many African-American and Latino viewers flocked to Fox.Kyle returned in the series finale and the two reconciled.Overton and Synclaire also got together and their relationship culminated in marriage by the end of the fourth season.Along with trying to make Flavor a success, Khadijah also spent time looking for Mr. She eventually found him in childhood friend Scooter (Cress Williams) with whom she left the brownstone for the final time in the series finale.

In January 2017, Queen Latifah reported that a revival of "Living Single" is in the works with the original cast and that she plans to serve as producer.In season five, they moved in together, leaving Overton and Kyle's apartment open for new character Roni De Santos (Idalis De Leon), a New York-area D. It was eventually revealed that De Santos had a fling with Ira Lee "Tripp" Williams III, (Mel Jackson), the new roommate of Khadijah and Régine who moved in when Synclaire's room became available. Synclaire joined a comedy improv troupe where she gained the attention of Tony Jonas, a Warner Bros.