Who is santana dating on glee Internet dating sites for adults

09-Feb-2020 23:15

"We couldn't hang out at her parents' house, so we hung out in this big field, underneath a willow tree," says the Canadian actor, who plays football star Finn.

"That's where we were the first time we made out.

"All I have to say is that it was nice when they were together." Michele has equally kind words for newcomer Chord Overstreet, aka blond singer Sam, whom she describes as a "hottie." "All of the girls on the show like Sam," explains Monteith.

"And I think, for the most part, we've been welcoming.

Probably not – because the star never really answered questions about his personal life until the summer of 2013 when Criss revealed that he had been dating Swier, a writer and producer at FOX for many years.

Though, no one would blame you for thinking that — considering the pair on onscreen soulmates that have weathered many-a-storm together.

Overstreet's Sam Evans might be going strong with Mercedes on the show, but his real-life relationship with actress Halston Sage ended in early April 2014.

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