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You don't even have to look at actual fatality to see how drugs can affect a band, there are countless instances of bands breaking up due to the turmoil they can cause, whether it be someone going to jail or internal fighting when perhaps a little more restraint and communication could have been shown." As the band go into their 26 year, anticipation for new material is as fevered as it’s ever been.

The band will finally return to UK shores after an absence of 7 years when they support fellow Cali-natives Deftones in London, Manchester and Glasgow.

Although acting is not his main thing, he does have a big band.

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"It took a long time to demo the songs that make up that record."We don't do drugs," he says "and I think that's a really big thing in music.I think drugs can often destroy a band, and in some cases, they’ll lead to literally destroying the members of a band.In an oddly morbid but still light-hearted chat, Havok tells us that — pending his own death (and maybe not even then) — AFI will probably be around for as long as The Rolling Stones.

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He also drops plenty of other tasty nuggets of insight, on a whole heap of topics ranging from his new side project with the guys from No Doubt, to the “meaningless” and “insulting” term “emo”, to the “emotional trauma” he suffered as a result of being asked to star on a reality TV show one time and the strong likelihood of an AFI Australian tour on the horizon.the album which saw the fickle mainstream begin to turn their heads away from AFI, took over a year to record, with the studio sessions plagued with a wealth of difficulties.

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