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13-Jul-2020 04:35

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CIRA stands for the Canadian Internet Registration Authority. In other words, CIRA provides and handles the "back-end" of the .CIRA has been given a mandate by the Government of Canada to provide and operate the . CA registry, while certified registrars like Can provide the "front-end" customer features and support.The panel found that Arcelor and Mittal each had rights in their respective names in Canada, including through registered trade-marks pre-dating the registration of the domain name.Since the merged entity is the successor to the rights of the predecessor companies, the panel found that the complainant had rights in the name prior to the date of registration even though it did not formally exist and had not actually used the mark in Canada.

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The complaint was denied and the domain name was not transferred.In a decision relating to (CDRP #219), the domain name was registered in 2009.The complainant, Asos Canada Services Limited, was not incorporated until 2012.CIRA is also a non-profit body, and thus anyone can become a member of CIRA, with the voting rights associated with it.

To become a CIRA member visit the CIRA Members website.After considering the other factors, the panel ordered that the domain name be transferred.