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17-Jul-2020 18:37

"I truly believe our greatest power is the power to convene nations, to bring people together in the pursuit of a common goal and prove that our similarities greatly outweigh our differences," said Joe Sestak, the president of First Global.WATCH 101 East: Afghanistan: No Country for Women He credited "the professional leadership of the US State Department" for ensuring that all 163 teams from 157 countries, including a team of Syrian refugees, would be able to participate.Afghanistan is not on the list of nations covered by the so called Trump "travel ban" which encompasses six Muslim-majority nations.While officials did not comment on the reasons for initially denying the girls visas, the United States often denies visa requests from Afghans over fears that they will refuse to return home, the Associated Press reported."We applied again for the US visa and we were rejected again." Farooqi and her teammates faced seemingly insurmountable obstacles to even get to a point where they could seek permission to attend.

A group of Afghan girls who were twice denied visas to take part in an academic robotics competition in Washington, D. Speaking to reporters as they prepared to fly out from Kabul International Airport, team member Rodaba Noori told reporters that she was “so happy” to be able to attend the competition.

Trump's apparent failure to mention human rights violations during the Vietnam leg of his Asia trip.

Duterte's aggressive crackdown on drug traffickers and users in the Philippines has resulted in thousands of extrajudicial murders. Trump repeatedly praised Duterte and emphasized the importance of trade between the two nations, but did not explicitly highlight human rights abuses, as many of his predecessors have done while traveling abroad. Trump also said he and Duterte have "a great relationship" but avoided questions regarding human rights issues.

request for six girls from the war-torn country to be allowed in, along with their chaperone, so they can participate in the competition.

The non-profit organising the competition celebrated the reversal in a statement on Wednesday.

"Other countries should consider this, they shouldn't be so strict with us." Afghanistan has faced a series of large-scale attacks as the Taliban stepped up its war against the Kabul government in this year's summer offensive.

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