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05-Jul-2020 20:20

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And so, readers have asked us, is there anything to be done other than dumping a few hundred dollars into a replacement for a broken item that was someone else’s fault?

The problem is lopsided, and affects Android users most heavily.

Google can’t replace or repair your tablet, but the manufacturer might.

If your tablet is less than a year old, it’s still under warranty and customer service should be mostly amenable.

Instead, it opted for new plans that are slightly cheaper (with some exceptions) but require you to pay for your own device.

It's part of an ongoing shift in the industry in how consumers pay for their service, with more people actually opting to pay for their own smartphones because it can lead to lower monthly charges down the line if you stick with the same device after two years.

They added that if an OTA update they pushed caused device performance issues, they would work closely with the customer to replace the device under the terms of the original purchase warranty.

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But if you skip one and have trouble, the penalty is paying out of pocket for a new device. You can usually delay on installing them, but you can’t generally put it off forever.

T-Mobile shed its contracts two years ago, while the other carriers have been gradually moving away.

Verizon, however, opted to rip the bandage off quickly and did away with them in one fell swoop.

If your device is over a year old, unfortunately, you may be up a proverbial creek.

The policies for almost every device and every carrier we checked stipulate a one-year warranty very clearly, after which you are basically on your own.

That may leave some puzzled about how it affects them, which is where CNET comes in.

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