Validating a form in javascript

08-May-2020 23:06

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validating an xml

Instead of checking for numbers we will want to check for all letters.

If we wanted to see if a string contained only letters we need to specify an expression that allows for both lowercase and uppercase letters: /^[a-z A-Z] $/ .

We're going to be checking the form using a function, which will be activated by the form's Validating this form would be considerably simpler than one containing radio buttons or select boxes, but any form element can be accessed.

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Inside each string is a function called match that you can use to see if the string matches a certain regular expression.It makes your page much more user-friendly, and takes out the frustration of having to fill out the same form repeatedly.It's also very precise, as you can point out the exact field where there's a problem.However, if the expression fails because there is a letter or other character in our input's string then we'll display our helper Msg and return false.

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This function will be identical to is Numeric except for the change to the regular expression we use inside the match function.

The chunk of code elem.value will grab the string inside the input and by adding on length elem.value.length we can see how long the string is.

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