Updating wiikey firmware

10-May-2020 10:13

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Updating Firmware: To update the Wii Key, you need to burn the firmware disc for your region. I am wondering whether there is difference between 1.9S and 1.9X?

Yes you can just use the reset button if you don't have a gamecube those still confused you can watch the youtube videos I made quickly when I was doing the beta testing.

After long 3 years of waiting PS3 Jailbreak was the first mod solution that enabled running unlicensed programs on PS3.

And as soon as these 3rd party programs were enabled a backup manager for copying PS3 games to HDD was made.

If you recall, the Xbox is still being used today as media centers thanks to the help of homebrew, particularly, XBMC.

Now that PS3 is turning into an open platform with the help of the PS3 Jailbreak, you can expect that numerous talented programmers will take advantage of this and make handy and useful applications for PS3 users.

Also be sure to get the correct firmware and config disc for your region. Once done it tells you to hit A, which will reboot the Wii. I am not sure if the reset button can be used for those who do not have a Game Cube controller, but it was possible in previous updates.

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PS3Key is a USB drive based PS3 Chip that comes from the same team that produced Wii Key and Wii Drive Key mod chips and software. If you are an advanced user or a programmer you can use PSFReedon or PSGroove open source PS3 mods for free, but you do require a programmable USB controller chip and a way to write code to it, or a rooted Android, N900 or i Phone that you are not afraid to reflash.Buy PS3Key / PS3 Free Revolution » Buy PS Jailbreak USB Chip » Compatible with all PS3 Fat and Slim Play Station models.

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