Updating tnsnames ora

07-Jan-2020 21:15

After the upgrade to Oracle, it is strongly recommended to install an Oracle client supported for Oracle 12c.If it is not possible to install Oracle client (for example, due to SAP limitations or hardware restrictions), you need at least Oracle client I know there is already a TNSNames file in use on the PC.I'd like to add mine to it during the installation and setup. I would trust this tool more than editing the TNSNAMES.

DTS Import/Export Wizard Error: Co Create Instance 5.

If you have an SAP system with Java components, you have to change the JDBC driver references after you have upgraded the database client software.

Otherwise the J2EE Engine cannot start because the driver references still point to the old Oracle client software home.

In addition, OUI provides location information for these files in up to three other existing Oracle Homes if they exist.

The parameter files can then be manually copied over to the new home.-- cleanout [email protected] server_name = (DESCRIPTION= (ADDRESS= (PROTOCOL=TCP) (PORT=port_number) (HOST=host_name) ) (CONNECT_DATA=(SERVICE_NAME=service_name) ) ) where: server_name is the name of an Oracle server that matches an entry in the RDB directory.

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