Updating remote sql database with dbase

08-Jul-2020 21:22

It supports JDBC1.2, JDBC2.0, JDBC3.0, JDBC4.0, JDBC4.1, and JDBC4.2 now. What is difference between the HXTT DBF Package, Embedded Package, and Remote Access Package? There is no any difference for your code to use anyone of three packages. If you're using a trial version, you will get "No suitable driver" SQLException, and "Evaluation period over" after using about 30 days. DBFDriver, and its JDBC URL: Embedded: jdbc:dbf:[//]/[Database Path][? You need to download JDBC 1.22 from the Sun's JDBC download page and add JDBC1.22 into JDK 1.0.2. X since we have not received such a complement request from our users. For instance, you're using "jdbc:dbf:/C:/test", and grant code Base "file:/C:/test" in your policy file, but your applet is running from "D:\sample\Carga Stat Applet.html". Client/Server mode question: The data directory is not in the IBM machine where the Java program should run, but instead those DBF files are in another machine with Windows operating system. Please use "java -cp yourdirectrory/DBF_JDBC30sql.admin. Admin" to start GUI manager, and add a url setting of '"jdbc:dbf://.48:" 8029 "/" database Directory' on your host of .48(just an IP sample), then click Start button.

If you're accessing the remote data, you can use the HXTT DBF Package or Remote Access Package. The cause can be failing to load the appropriate JDBC driver before calling get Connection(), or specifying an invalid JDBC URL that isn't recognized by your JDBC driver. I already configured the policy for my applet, but I continue with problems of "acess denied". Then your applet should use "jdbc:dbf://yourhostname:yourport/c:\apache~1.0\webapps\root\". Remote Access Questions and Client/Server Mode Questions 1. For instance, you wish to provide JDBC3.0 remote data access.

tmpdir properity indicates whether set a temp directory, Default: the value of JVM's "tmpdir" property. You can share your remote directory which contains your data files, then map it to a local driver.

Please figure out what directory Java's tmpdir system property points to, and make sure that directory is writable by the user that runs your Java applications, otherwise you should set tmpdir properity in Connection properity to a writable directory. If you wish to write a secure DBF server for some sensitive information, embedded encrypt/decrypt functions can help you. Remote access through map network drive question: How to remote access DBF data without DBFServer?

To access four unc pathes in the same connection, you need to use a free JDBC url, "jdbc:dbf:/" or "jdbc:dbf:///".

Then you can use some full UNC path names in SQL to visit your four servers where your Java VM has right to access.. Remote access through http/https/ftp protocol question: How to let my program to fetch data daily from our web host? Admin runnig for internet -- intranet HXTT DBF supports port mapping and NAT route.

BTW, except for TCPServer protocol, HXTT DBF can use also RMIServer protocol.

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DBF driver can work with mapped driver, and you should use "jdbc:dbf:/f:" to access your data.

For Novell: You can map NCP directory as driver or mount NCP directory. Remote access through UNC path question: Can I setup only one datasource to access four servers for my Cold Fusion?

To access one unc path, you can use jdbc:dbf:/\PC17\c$\values or jdbc:dbf:/\PC17\val.

Please read file:///yourdriver|/jdk1.2/docs/tooldocs/win32/for policy tool. Please read Run HXTT DBFServer as Windows Service or Linux(Solaris) Daemon. How to start remote control when DBFServer is running as Windows service or Linux(Solaris) Daemon? Admin TCPCLIENT [host:]port [remote Control Password]" to start your remote control. For instance, "select table Alias.* from "sales/2004/04"as table Alias" can access sale table at "c:\data\sales04". I can't use "select RIGHT from deldob" RIGHT is a reserved SQL keyword. Please use SQL Escape Syntax, a date is specified in a JDBC SQL statement with the syntax where yyyy-mm-dd provides the year, month, and date, e.g. There are analogous escape clauses for TIME and TIMESTAMP type: and . Through _memory_ catalog, memory-only database is visible for all applications in the same JVM. The HXTT DBF supports multi-user access, record lock, and table lock. Is there any way to lock/unlock record programatically. Does that Xbase compatible lock work also with Linux ? DBF provides Xbase compatible lock work for Windows, Linux, and OS2. When my program is inserting a record to Data Base using your DBF Driver, another C program reads the data from the DBF file, Can it read the record data that my program is inserting? You can get the value of java.java enviroment parameter by Property("java.library.path") code ,or in windows, which is $PATH, in solaris or linux, which is $LD_LIBRARY_PATH, in hp-unix, which is SHLIB_PATH.

"variable Name", [variable Name] or is used to quote those columns which use reserved keyword, so that you should use "RIGHT" or to quote the RIGHT field, for instance, select ,'other' from states where "RIGHT"=32. The fractional seconds (.f...) portion of the TIMESTAMP can be omitted. For instance, in an embedded connection, you can use create table _memory_(a char(10));insert into _memory_values(333);select * from _memory_.abc, test where abc.a=test.b;drop table _memory_.abc; to do the same things. We have provided a _Lock Flag_ virtual column as row lock flag. In other words, Does the driver use records level lock? You can download the JNIFile.dll( or lib JNIFile.so) from here, and add the ( or lib JNIFile.so) into your library path. Then please use lock Type property to enable Xbase compatible lock: Properities prop=new Properities(); Property( "lock Type", "CLIPPER" );//DBASE, DBASE4BDE, DBASEIII, DBASEIV, CLIPPER, CLIPPER5.3, Power Plus, Alaska, Soft C, FOXBASE, FOXPRO, FOXPRO4UNIX, FOXPRO4BDE, and VFP. HXTT DBF with If you run Cold Fusion (Tomcat, or alexandria sw and tanuki sw wrapper) on Windows 2000 and Windows XP Pro does not work on mapped drives. For instance, Once you've downloaded the JAR just add it to your computer repository with: mvn install:install-file -Dgroup Id=-Dartifact Id=dbfjdbc4 \ -Dversion=v5.1 -Dpackaging=jar -Dfile=DBF_JDBC40-Dgenerate Pom=true The last parameter for generating a POM will save you from warnings. You can use "jdbc:dbf:/c:/dbc" as URL, then you can use "select your Column from dbcsample1Table".

If you're accessing the local data, you can use the HXTT DBF Package or Embedded Package. This error usually occurs during a call to Driver Connection(). It seems that you wish to access remotely your database by applet. Admin" to run a "jdbc:dbf://yourhostname:yourport/c:\apache~1.0\webapps\root\" DBFServer on your host.

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