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Check the the official Waze Status page before reporting delays.

If you want to 'upgrade' your site, go here: Upgrade to Drupal 7 or 8 - Major version change to your current D6 or D7 site Unlike the words 'update' and 'upgrade', which refer to very specific tasks, the word 'migrate' has a broader meaning in that it is used in reference to several different tasks.

You may want to 'migrate' your site from running locally on your computer to an online webhost.

No matter which version your site is currently using, you can update to the latest minor version that is available.

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You do not have to concern yourself about any (if any) minor version updates that may have been released in between the release of the version you are using now, and the one you are updating to.

Traffic notifications come to your client in real time. Waze may automatically generate a new route based on such traffic speed reports.

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