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02-Jan-2020 12:54

100623 mysqld_safe Number of processes running now: 0 100623 mysqld_safe mysqld restarted 100623 [Warning] The syntax '--log_slow_queries' is deprecated and will be removed in My SQL 7.0.

Please use '--slow_query_log'/'--slow_query_log_file' instead. 100623 [Warning] One can only use the --user switch if running as root Inno DB: Unable to lock ./ibdata1, error: 11 How to repeat: its repeating every time when i execute this store procedure The store procedure first create temporary table then try to update temporary table with permanent that time this failure and crashed happen Thank you for the report.

I have seen in linux using top command when mysqld process taken more then 2.8 gb memory and i call this proc that time its crashing the server if mysql process mysqld memory is less then 2.8 gb then its ok .....

Before this problem over server is going out of memory se we tunned some parameter in file after that this crashing happens Thank you for the feedback. To decide if there is a risk to use it on production server or not is up to you, but we do not backport bug fixes, so there is no sense to test bugs in older versions anyway.

Views and synonyms can be created against external tables.

They are useful in the ETL process of data warehouses since the data doesn't need to be staged and can be queried in parallel.

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Download the files (Countries1.txt, Countries2.txt) containing the data to be queried.

Parameters can be entered in any order, optionally separated by commas.

You specify values for parameters, or in some cases, you can accept the default without entering a value. SQL*Loader: Release - Production on Wed Feb 27 2002 (c) Copyright 2002 Oracle Corporation. Usage: SQLLDR keyword=value [,keyword=value,...] Valid Keywords: userid -- ORACLE username/password control -- Control file name log -- Log file name bad -- Bad file name data -- Data file name discard -- Discard file name discardmax -- Number of discards to allow (Default all) skip -- Number of logical records to skip (Default 0) load -- Number of logical records to load (Default all) errors -- Number of errors to allow (Default 50) rows -- Number of rows in conventional path bind array or between direct path data saves (Default: Conventional path 64, Direct path all) bindsize -- Size of conventional path bind array in bytes (Default 256000) silent -- Suppress messages during run (header,feedback,errors,discards,partitions) direct -- use direct path (Default FALSE) parfile -- parameter file: name of file that contains parameter specifications parallel -- do parallel load (Default FALSE) file -- File to allocate extents from skip_unusable_indexes -- disallow/allow unusable indexes or index partitions (Default FALSE) skip_index_maintenance -- do not maintain indexes, mark affected indexes as unusable (Default FALSE) readsize -- Size of Read buffer (Default 1048576) external_table -- use external table for load; NOT_USED, GENERATE_ONLY, EXECUTE (Default NOT_ USED) columnarrayrows -- Number of rows for direct path column array (Default 5000) streamsize -- Size of direct path stream buffer in bytes (Default 256000) multithreading -- use multithreading in direct path resumable -- enable or disable resumable for current session (Default FALSE) resumable_name -- text string to help identify resumable statement resumable_timeout -- wait time (in seconds) for RESUMABLE (Default 7200) date_cache -- size (in entries) of date conversion cache (Default 1000) PLEASE NOTE: Command-line parameters may be specified either by position or by keywords.

CREATE TABLE countries_ext ( country_code VARCHAR2(5), country_name VARCHAR2(50), country_language VARCHAR2(50) ) ORGANIZATION EXTERNAL ( TYPE ORACLE_LOADER DEFAULT DIRECTORY ext_tab_data ACCESS PARAMETERS ( RECORDS DELIMITED BY NEWLINE FIELDS TERMINATED BY ',' MISSING FIELD VALUES ARE NULL ( country_code CHAR(5), country_name CHAR(50), country_language CHAR(50) ) ) LOCATION ('Countries1.txt','Countries2.txt') ) PARALLEL 5 REJECT LIMIT UNLIMITED; SELECT * 2 FROM countries_ext 3 ORDER BY country_name; COUNT COUNTRY_NAME COUNTRY_LANGUAGE ----- ---------------------------- ----------------------------- ENG England English FRA France French GER Germany German IRE Ireland English SCO Scotland English USA Unites States of America English WAL Wales Welsh 7 rows selected.

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SQL SELECT * 2 FROM countries_ext 3 ORDER BY country_name; SELECT * * ERROR at line 1: ORA-29913: error in executing ODCIEXTTABLEOPEN callout ORA-29400: data cartridge error KUP-04040: file Countries1in EXT_TAB_DATA not found ORA-06512: at "SYS.Remember, every query of the external table causes the file(s) to be read again, so try to make as few passes over the external table as possible.

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