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15-Apr-2020 00:39

so there is nothing wrong (cept backups and the potential for 'human error' ... A script (which could be run by the 'clients' either via command line or via a 'Custom Command' button in webmin is reliable, effiicient, saves $, saves time, etc. Right now, I have about a half dozen installs of various versions of Moodle on my MAMP. With the "git" method, what does one do about addins?

The longest I've seen the script run is just under 5 minutes and that was due to 2 things: git acquiring the new code/updates and the upgrading of the DB. For example, in my case I am adding "Collapsed Topics" and two "Checklist" addins. I would want to run git on my MAMP install first so that I could "watch for errors."Relative to these errors, what happens if one does get errors? If so, then the solution is to restore from backup and try again (fixing problems first, or course.) Right?

Let's say you have questionnaire addon From /var/www/html/ (where the current code resides)cp -rp mod/questionnaire /var/www/htmlgit/mod/Do same for any addon - mod/block/theme/report, etc..

Check the ownerships/permissions on your document root ...

If running the above under sudo, that might tag updated folders and files as belonging to you as the user.

Use chown to set all files/folders to appropriate user:group for Mac. should be able to use browser now to log in and check things by going to Notifications.'spirit of sharing', Ken Ken, great stuff.

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One cannot get a Moodle under git in an existing/functioning moodle code directory (well, ya can, but it's not 'pretty'). While the following is specific to a RHEL/Cent OS server as far as locations of folders/directories, the commands should work under sudo for Mac.

Yep, and added step, but it adds to my comfort level. and, I'd say soon, IF Moodle HQ is concerned about 'market share'. *Do* spend some time learning how to use in a 'test' folder/directory - which doesn't have to reside on your Mac Server. What is learned can apply to the production Moodle. Works *exactly* the same on Mac OSX.https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5gm U8Yqb NJQY195Wlcx RHI5d UU/view?

Have been helping an ISD move 30 Joomla 1.5's to latest/greatest 3.4.4 .... Here's a quick how 2 (MP4 from Google Drive so it's not streaming but downloading - be patient):https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5gm U8Yqb NJQTkd5Wl VFMz Ju UTA/view? nor finding out the single 'best way' (for that doesn't exist). As a teacher using Moodle, that's what 'we' are supposed to be all about - *new learning*.

On linux (RHEL/Cent OS flavored) where Moodle is the only app, that's typically /var/www/html (the html directory contains the moodle would show:/var/www/We will install new code into htmlgit and eventually rename html to htmlold and htmlgit to html making it the new default web root.

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So in /var/www/git clone git://git.moodle.org/htmlgitcd htmlgitgit branch -agit branch --track MOODLE_29_STABLE origin/MOODLE_29_STABLEgit checkout MOODLE_29_STABLEMake sure you have the 29 version of code - this will eventually result in a minor/in-series upgrade for your current version.fgrep '$release' version.phpgit branch -a should also show that Moodle29 is *'d Now to get a copy of all the addons you have./var/www/html/Set the same owership/permissions on /var/www/htmlgit Now the swap ...

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