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16-Jul-2020 05:11

It imples that the box already knows the cards matching CAM modulus and rsa public key value.Various boxes, depending on make/model, may use any of the above pre-pair key transfer methods but it could be useful to know which box uses which method.The dt08 is RSA encrypted using Ird N (public rsa key) and Ird D (private key and uknown by anyone but provider).

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There is no algorithm in N2 (or N3) that only uses an 8 byte (64 bit) key although some providers have opted to use 3DES rather than IDEA as an inner layer.so the IDEA signature key for encrypting the first 32bytes extracted from the 64 random seek key is BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBCCCCCAMIDCAM once applied the IDEA encryption we will have the result 16 byte sessionkey..

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