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27-May-2020 19:36

All while still being protected by the front cover.This at-a-glance information can all be heavily themed and customized as users see fit as well.Whether or not owners should do this is up to them, and everyone has different wants or preferences.Those that want total control will want to follow the steps below.

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Double tapping the screen while the phone is off will instantly show users the time, date, battery life (the big circle) and even weather information and incoming notifications.

We don’t want apps updating while using data, as that can use a full 3-4GB data plan very quick, especially at first, or if users install big games like Clash of Clans, Asphalt 8, or others. Selecting this means users will constantly be notified in the top notification bar that apps need to be updated, and it won’t happen automatically.

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