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21-Jun-2020 01:23

One way to do this is to select the entire document and press F9.This works, but it's a hassle because not only must you perform the extra step of selecting the entire document, but that extra step also means that you lose your current cursor position.She then explains how to make the view frames—which indicate what section of an alignment will show in the plan view on the sheets—and work with plan and profile sheets.To wrap up, Katherine discusses how to create and edit cross sections.Word is aware of this possibility and takes steps to replace references with the actual information when necessary.There had to be one, hadn’t there, or I wouldn’t be writing this?Perhaps an Example will make it clearer Perhaps an Example will make it clearer [link to Header on this site] Just as with Sections, when you delete a Paragraph Mark you are, in effect, merging two paragraphs into one.It may be that the paragraph-specific settings in each of the two paragraphs differ, in which case Word has, again, to make a decision about how to resolve the clash(es). When a Paragraph Mark is deleted all the settings effectively stored within it – the Style in use, etc., I do not propose to list them all – are kept and applied to the new single paragraph; this time, it is the settings of the second paragraph that are unceremoniously dumped.

In this course, learn about the plan production tools, and how you can use them to make creating plan, profile, and section drawing sheets a lot easier.This leaves the Section before the break with no settings and Word, like nature, abhorring a vacuum, fills the gap with the only settings it has to hand, those of the Section following the Break.