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The ODBC driver connection string that includes settings, such as the data source name, needed to establish the initial connection. You cannot change this behavior; therefore, if the application requires the password, store it separately before calling Open.. NET Framework version 1.0, validation of the connection string does not occur until an application calls the Open method. "Driver=; Server=(local); Trusted_Connection=Yes; Database=Adventure Works;" "Driver=; Server=ORACLE8i7; Persist Security Info=False; Trusted_Connection=Yes" "Driver=; DBQ=c:\bin\Northwind.mdb" "Driver=; DBQ=c:\bin\book1.xls" "Driver=; DBQ=c:\bin" "DSN=dsnname" property is read from an Odbc Connection object that has been opened, the connection string is returned minus the password.Applications do not have to add braces around the attribute value after the Driver keyword unless the attribute contains a semicolon (;), in which case the braces are required.If the attribute value that the driver receives includes braces, the driver should not remove them but they should be part of the returned connection string. However, when you use these characters in a keyword, the Driver Manager returns an error when you work with file DSNs, but passes the connection string to the driver for regular connection strings. The connection string may include any number of driver-defined keywords.Then Access just connects to SQL as normal - and SQL gets the data from Oracle. Although the response I received regarding DSN-less connections is worthy of a second look (for a more overarching/long term database connection solution), my real need is to simply automate the ODBC connection process using the existing DSNs.I found a simple solution (see code snippet below) that works quite well.It is the responsibility of the underlying ODBC driver to validate the connection string.If the connection string contains invalid or unsupported properties, the driver may raise an Odbc Exception at run time. NET Framework version 1.1 and later versions, some basic validation of the connection string occurs as soon as you set the property.

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Sub create Linked Table_Postgre SQL(Postgre SQL_table Name As String) Dim cdb As DAO. Your Postgre SQL account would have associated privileges- probably set by your Postgre SQL administrator. Indexes DAO There is a Primary Key on the table residing in Postgre SQL, right?Was doing: Sub create Linked Table_Postgre SQL(Postgre SQL_table Name As String) Dim cdb As DAO. I tried enclosing the password in double quotes, single quotes, nothing works.

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