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03-Apr-2020 01:38

Despite the “Ivy” branding, the only actual requirements are intellectual curiosity and passion.How Ivy Connect reconciles being both elitist and inclusive is what initially intrigued me.It’s a sound marketing philosophy; recently, venture capitalist Paul Graham dubbed it the “contained fire strategy.” Graham used Facebook as an example, but a better choice is Connect U.Before they were bartering Bitcoins, the Winklevoss twins created that now-defunct social network.I was equally running from something — Chicago’s suffocating familiarity — as I was toward something — New York, the city where I’d realize my literary dreams!New York, as it does, greeted me with a resounding shrug.It was when she asked for my business card that I knew we’d never fall in love.

Whether Ivy Connect exists to promote social mobility or to perpetuate socioeconomic hegemony, the company is selling the same commodity: exclusivity.It’s also why I’m simultaneously an ideal Ivy Connect customer and a natural Ivy Connect malcontent.