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It was the late Eighties and the topic of same-sex relationships was never mentioned and nowhere on the education curriculum.If current statistics and books such as David Spiegelhalter’s Sex by Numbers are to believed, it’s likely that approximately 10 per cent of my fellow pupils were gay, but at a school run by priests, we were well aware that to be so was a ‘sin'.I wonder if the school has since modernised its approach in light of same-sex relationships becoming more accepted and same-sex marriage being a legally recognised institution?I doubt it, but it is time that my alma mater, and every other school across the UK, did so.

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The Harrogate conference motion called on the future government to “appoint an education secretary that supports LGBT rights and has a positive track record in supporting civil partnership and gay marriage”.At the weekend, the UK’s largest teachers’ union called on the next government to make it compulsory to teach children about same-sex relationships.