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Afterward, he confronted Darla about her decision to remain underground; won over by Angelus' fearlessness, Darla chose to leave with Angelus, and temporarily abandoned her sire and Master.Holtz then devoted himself to capturing Angelus and Darla, and chased them across Europe.However, in 1898, Angelus was cursed by members of Clan Kalderash as vengeance for killing a member of their clan.They returned his soul, forcing him to live eternally in guilt over the countless crimes he had committed.At the age of twenty-six, after a habitual night of drunken debauchery and failed attempts to seduce the family's only maidservant, Liam and his father got into a heated argument; enraged by his son's chronically reckless behavior, his father declared that Liam was wasting his life, and slapped him across the face.Liam argued that he was only what his father had made him, and voiced his decision to leave home.Liam's body was buried; at some point during the night, he rose again, and in response to Darla's assertion, set about slaughtering his entire village.First, he brutally massacred his own family, whose blood he later described as the "sweetest of all." Believing her brother had returned to her as an angel, Liam's little sister, Kathy, ignorantly invited him inside the family home. As he killed his father, Liam boasted that despite his father's disapproval, he had managed to make something of himself after all.

1765: Angelus and Darla had a near miss with Holtz in Arles after making too much noise by ordering room service and then eating the waiters.

Once the world was saved, Angel decided to stay in London and help the people who were changed because of the minor plague released.

Angel was born a human named Liam in Galway, Ireland in 1727 to a linen and silk merchant and his wife.

At the age of eighteen, Liam had a failed relationship with an aristocrat named Sarah Gilfried.

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As a result, he became disillusioned with the women of his era, and showed distaste for noblewomen in particular, describing them as "incredibly dull, simpering morons." Above all, he sought to meet someone "exciting" and "interesting." By his twenties, Liam had become a drunken, whoring layabout, whose only real ambition in life lay in someday seeing the world.

He was later described in historical volumes as the "one with the angelic face", and the "demon with the face of an angel." After leaving Ireland behind, Angelus and Darla cut a bloody swath through Wales and Northern England before reaching London in 1760.

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