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In the 1830s, the abolitionist movement becomes the dominant voice among antislavery advocates.

The villain of the piece is the cruel slave-overseer, Simon Legree, a transplanted New Englander. ministers to Britain, France, and Spain meet in Ostend, Belgium.

By the end of 1856, nearly 200 Kansanshave been killed and property worth million has been damaged or destroyed.

Senator Charles Sumner delivers a stinging speech in the U. Senate, "The Crime against Kansas," in which he attacks slavery, the South, and singles out his Senate colleague, Andrew Butler of South Carolina, for criticism. In the majority opinion, Chief Justice Roger Taney rules that Scott is still a slave with no standing to sue; that black Americans (slave or free) are not citizens and do not have civil rights protected by the U. Constitution; and that neither the territorial government nor the federal government can ban slavery in the territories, thus making the (now-defunct) Northwest Ordinance and Missouri Compromise bans unconstitutional.

The book is banned in the South, while Northerners make it a bestseller. They draft a policy recommendation to President Pierce, urging him to attempt again to purchase Cuba from Spain and, if Spain refuses, to take the island by force.

When the secret proposal, called the Ostend Manifesto, is leaked to the press, it creates an uproar since Cuba would likely become another slave state.

The Compromiseof 1850 is introduced into Congress by Henry Clay as an omnibus bill designed to settle disputes arising from the conclusion of the Mexican War.