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05-Apr-2020 20:14

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when does casual dating turn into a relationship

I want compatibility and someone who I find interesting enough to be with not a doorknob.

I could try it I suppose but I am a bit skeptical about such a forward approach All joking and razing aside. I personally wouldn't let a conversation go more then 5-6 exchanges without asking for the number as long as things have been going well.

I hope you don't teach your children to give up so easily on everything they try, the world would be a very sad place if you did..

Don't bother completing your GCSE's at school if they are too tough just move on.

Because at the end of the day..they are not interested enough to meet are wasting your time.

Thank you female connection, yeah you could be right there.

Ask more questions and see if you get longer responses.

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I know they are not completely as dull as dishwater because there profiles are actually very nice and entertaining to read hence me sending them a message. Please people stop with the easy to write bullsh*t of move on, not interested because like I SAID I'm fed up of giving up.

In answer to your question I do ask some questions which are clearly being ignored but at the end of the message I finish it off with something funny or nice like a compliment so I don't come across like I want to know everything about them all in one message.

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