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29-Dec-2019 18:43

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But even if it wasn't at the beach and the guy has a nice body, why not show it off? Ladies, women, would you change your opinion then, or still feel same, or would you not even get that far because of the picture itself? I find shirtless pictures tasteless, something about it screams "I want sex, look, look, look at my six pack"..The beach pics are ok because its happening in a natural environment, so its not so much "look, look, look at me", more like "look at me having fun in the beach"Sarilea Right this moment I'm exchanging emails with a bodybuilder who has a very tasteful picture of his bare arms and back in his profile.

That can't be any more repulsive than fat chicks showing 50 lbs of boobage ... It's a professional shot, not a bathroom selfie, so I don't mind it at all; in fact, it's an eye candy.

issues of housekeeping aside, the dealbreaker of that kind of presentation is the directness of the sexual message.There's a middle ground, which will be allowed by the site, fun for women who are more into eye candy, and not even noticeable as being deliberate for those who aren't, so much. It's okay if it's really too small, even, as long as it doesn't show your belly (make sure of that! You're not going to wear it out of the house, just for your photo. You know, me saying that about her, made me think about me posting such a pic. And Irish Eyes, its not my thing, but doesn't bother me one bit. You know, me saying that about her, made me think about me posting such a pic. They both show the person's fitness level, but coming from a completely different direction as you noted.