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They also contend that, because Rogers’ home—including his bedroom and bathroom—were Brindle’s place of work, Rogers had no expectation of privacy, and the housekeeper’s decision to record their sexual encounter without his knowledge was not a crime.Butters even secured an affidavit from former DA Head, for whom he was working as an assistant DA when the videotape was made, in which Head said he would not have prosecuted Brindle for violating the state’s unlawful surveillance law.When she did, she was using a spy camera disguised as a cellphone and instructions on its use that Cohen had paid Hawk PI to provide, Deegan and Hawkins said.

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But Thomas Hawkins, owner of Hawk Private Investigations Inc.

“That’s our belief.” John Salter, who with lead counsel and Barnes represents Hawk PI and its staff, said, “Our client told the truth in their testimony, and they stand by it.” Court records detail Brindle’s video recording as depicting Rogers nude in his bathroom, shaving and then lying on his bed as Brindle manually serviced him.