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The void lies just above the Grand Gallery passageway that leads to the King’s chamber within the massive monument, and appears to be over 100 feet long.

If the researchers are correct, this would be the first large chamber to be discovered within the pyramid since the Islamic Caliph al-Ma’mun battered his way into the structure in the ninth century.

It could be either slanted or horizontal, and there’s no data right now as to how high it might be.

While speculation about the void’s purpose is scant, it could be what’s known as a relieving chamber.

Because x-rays, radar and other techniques aren’t particularly well-suited for penetrating layers of dense rock, researchers turned to a more exotic form of radiation: muons.

Sub-atomic particles created when high-energy cosmic rays interact with the upper atmosphere, muons rain down on the Earth in droves — there are hundreds passing through you every second.

The researchers refrain from making any guesses as to what their discovery could mean, however.

They can’t even say for sure yet whether their find is one large chamber or several smaller ones.

Sex egypt free on room-71

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Outside of the pyramid, the researchers placed a third detector that tracked the appearance of ions in argon gas as the particles passed through.Stacked above the King’s Chamber inside the pyramid are five additional chambers probably meant to reduce the weight pressing down on the roof of the chamber and prevent it from collapsing.

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