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These include the development of and expertise in agriculture, writing, mathematics, cosmology, weights and measures, contracts, education, justice, time reckoning, the Zodiac, art, metallurgy, sculpture and painting, amongst many others.

Modern-day research and scholarship have revealed some interesting details of these ancient civilizations that may explain the nearly instantaneous rise of civilization nearly 6,000 years ago (See Sitchin, Freer, Gardner and others in the bibliography).

• Giant people as tall as 12 feet were buried in Arizona, Nevada and the Midwest.

• A three-foot-high adult mummy was discovered in Wyoming.

There is a recurring theme that many of the ancient relics have in common, that of being of such unwieldy proportions or sophistication, it is hard to believe that primitive human hands alone could have fashioned them.

What we do know of the first recorded civilizations indicates they had a high degree of sophistication (even by today’s standards) in many of the fledging arts and sciences we take for granted.

– Jean de la Bruyere INTRODUCTION There are many people today who take a great interest in our past and our history as a civilization.

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The legendary Vatican archives are an excellent example.

Rain Table of Contents Introduction Deep Within The Archives There Were Giants on the Earth The Lovelock Giants Unusual Teeth and Bone Structures Anomalous Skeletons A Race of Dwarfs Ancient Mining Activity Underground Caverns and Tunnel Systems Smaller Tunnels Underground Cities Ancient Canals Artifacts Unearthed The Cogstones of the Topanga Culture Roman Relics of Arizona Elephant Slabs of New Mexico Inscriptions Unearthed Stairway to Nowhere Footprints in Stone The Coso Geode Our Cataclysmic Past They All Discovered America Underwater Structures Enigmatic Structures Mystery Walls Unusual Stone Structures Cahokia Mound Complex Beehive Caves America’s Stonehenge The Mima Mounds Ancient Settlements Rock Lake The Devil’s Playground Conclusion Individual Works Cited Other Works Cited (by State) Recommended Reading and Authors Cited Author Biography Index Lost Arts Media Catalog MYSTERYOFAMERICA: BOOK 1 ENIGMATIC MYSTERIES AND ANOMALOUS ARTIFACTS OF NORTH AMERICA: A CONNECTION TO THE ANCIENT PAST Presented by Tédd St.

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