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Which may explain the migration habits of recent college grads. But rather than scattering to make their marks, the grads re-create campus life. While recent grads used to flock to upper East Side buildings such as Normandie Court, they’re heading now further south, or to less ritzy locales.

From a pair of loft buildings for hard-partying artists in Brooklyn that have become de facto dorms to a stretch of Manhattan high-rises that are a newly minted sorority row, certain buildings cater to the needs, wants and happy-hour habits of the class of ’09.

It gets chaotic getting ready with three girls and a few friends constantly over.” The neighborhood is such a hotbed of recent grads that “The Murray Hill Song” is spreading like viral wildfire on You Tube, a catchy video homage to the neighborhood’s tight-knit social scene and the high-rises that serve as mother ships for its professional, mostly Jewish, Big Ten grads. Murray Hill is like a big comfort blanket,” says D. Lubel, the 26-year-old writer/comedian who wrote the song as a satirical Valentine to the post-college melee he knew and loved.

“I actually feel bad for the ‘normal’ people who didn’t get the memo that these buildings are basically dorms for the 22-plus.” On weekend nights, gaggles of razor-thin twentysomethings in sky-high heels and micro-minis flock to apartments there for pre-partying.

“Personally, I found the area to be limiting in meeting new types of people,” says Samantha Manoff, 22, who graduated from Syracuse last year and turned a ,100 converted two-bedroom into a three-bedroom.

“Because it’s converted, we have the tiniest living room and itty-bitty closets.

“The Rivergate, the Anthem, the Horizon and Manhattan Place.

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One-bedrooms in the Biltmore start at ,795; two bedrooms — often converted into three — at ,800.Elissa is a junior public relations major and the managing editor of Onward State.