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Screenplays in print are highly formal, conforming to font and margin specifications designed to cause one page of screenplay to correspond to approximately one minute of action on screen; thus screen directions and descriptions of location are designed to occupy less vertical space than dialogue, and various technical directions, such as settings and camera indication are set apart from the text with capital letters and/or indentation.Professional screenplays are always printed in 12-point Courier, or another fixed-width font that appears like typewriter type. and worldwide which recognize screenplays with awards.Most of Filmmakers and technicians are using these methods worldwide, especially in Hollywood.A screenplay or script is a written plan, authored by a screenwriter, for a film or television program.There was very little interest in originals in those days.[...] Studios, distributors wanted the assurance of someone else having thought a property worth publishing[...] In those days, if you went to a party in the Hollywood community and somebody would ask, "What are you working on, Ernie?In some cases, usually before the start of principal photography, an entirely new "white draft" will be distributed in lieu of colored revision pages.

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Ernest Lehman describes how his original script for North by Northwest was unusual at that point in his career: Originals were not smiled upon in those days, believe it or not.When a screenplay is approved for production, the scenes are assigned numbers which are included in the script alongside the scene headers.

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