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But the question remains, who will end up holding the chains and who will be bound by them?

Dee Dee’s discovery of Behavioural Impulse Modification by Brainwave Optimization is a breakthrough in neurology and psychological research.

When you have enough power and influence, you can get anything you desire in life—anything.

Everything and everyone has a price and no tastes are too extreme for the owners of Fantasy Girls Inc on the Dark Web.

In a lab on the outskirts of greater LA County, in what was once an aerospace research center, now defunct thanks to buy-out, mergers and acquisitions, a team plots a stop to the out of control political correctness, man-hating movement that is destroying sexual relations in the US.

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His friend Chris just wants Jesse to keep an eye on him to make sure nothing embarrassing happens.His love life so far has been non-existant, but his latest invention may turn things around. That is, he has some mental power that allows him to control others.