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15-Jun-2020 09:29

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The following is an actual email exchange between D. I've put his email in italics so it's easy to differentiate between what I wrote and what he wrote..... Cosmo Challenge: Send naughty texts or emails back and forth for all-day preplay. And while you are grabbing me, I'll use one hand to grip your junk and the other to pull your hair. That person I once emailed about a chair on Craigslist? Check my outbox before I can start to hyperventilate too much and see that yes, D.

Subject: you should really take a break from work and do this... No, I was just fiddling with the rubber vibrating thing and well, I got distracted. If only because I know how much he's enjoying this.]I'm pulling it.

And I arch my back the other way, lean down and kiss you.

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