Process of validating user id by data flow diagram

21-Jan-2020 10:09

Activities can be mappings, transformations, or external commands such as e-mail, FTP commands, and operating system executables.

You can use process flows to manage dependencies between mappings.

A process flow enable activities to be linked to define flow of control among different activities.

Supported flow of control constructs include conditional branches, loops, parallel flows or serial dependencies.

DFDs are one of the three essential components of the structured-systems analysis and design method (SSADM).

A DFD is process centric and depicts 4 main components.

Alternatively, you can create and define process flows using Oracle Warehouse Builder scripting language, OMB*Plus, as described in Process flows must be grouped into process flow packages, which in turn are grouped in process flow modules.

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Another name for a Context Diagram is a Context-Level Data-Flow Diagram or a Level-0 Data Flow Diagram.

But like many analysis tools they have been leveraged for other purposes.

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