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“It’s more about the way society thinks about older people than it is about budgets and welfare and social security.And this thrilled me.” Thomas is best known for two major contributions to the culture change revolution.It dissects misconceptions about dementia and proposes alternative approaches to aging issues with pieces like “Elders as Secret Activists.” The culture change movement in aging has been around for decades, but it is just starting to gain momentum in places like Missoula.It’s a next step in a long evolution, one that starts with a dark history of poorhouses and asylums and led to the birth of the nursing home.The current long-term care system has just a few decades to adjust to an unprecedented influx as the baby-boomer generation ages.According to the Census Bureau, about 50 million people in the country are over 65, but by 2050 that number will be somewhere closer to 80 or 90 million.Peterson says he gets emails every day from people wanting to know how to do it and he always has to break it to them that the cost is millions of dollars.But Green Houses are being built across the nation (St.

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It turns the perception of old people from being sad, helpless victims into elders who still have something to offer their communities.

In fact, his mother, Kathy Hammond, is the executive director at Village Health Care Center in Missoula, and all three of his sisters have worked there.