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Their Karachay-Balkar language is of the Ponto-Caspian subgroup of the Northwestern (Kypchak) group of Turkic languages.

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Elements of Balkar culture indicate a long association with the Near East, the Mediterranean, the rest of the Caucasus, and Russia.

or in fact mostly speakers of Iranian and Oghur languages in south Slavs R1a peaks in Croats historian J. Bury has no doubt that Croatian legend of origin is same as the one of Bulgarians and is about same Hunnic nation to which related tribes of Bulgars, Cotrigurs and Onogundurs belonged to... id=w DI...page&q&f=false Turkish historian Osman Karatay also speaks of turkish origin of proto-Croats and identifies white-Croats with white-Ogurs note also: ak (turkic white = west) Hur = Ak Hur = Oghur = west/white Hurians = white/west Croats (white is color used to denote west in steppe cultures) worth nothing is that among R1a there is also M458 branch that is present in Europe (along with other R1a branches) but rare in Asia.

Therefore, this branch is considered marker of Slavic people...

Greece R1a much larger among Greek Macedonians and on Crete than in any nearby south Slavic people and that I peaks in Serrai (also known as Serres) which is from what I figured out area where in ancient Greece Seres (same as Serians) people dwellt and which was also the capital of medieval kingdom of Serb tsar Dusan now pay attention to core of Slavs around Dniester (and up to Dnieper on east and Pripyat on north, and Vistula on west), and to directions of spread to northwest, north, and northeast from the core location and directions of spread are very clearly seen in I2a2 but not in R1a whose core is around Don which is area that Slavic people still didnot settle in 9th century...

thus, it is obvious from previous posts that I2a2 is much better suited to be marker of original Slavic people than R1a in my current opinion R1a Slavic people largely origin from ancient Hurians/Iranians/Oghur related people (Oghur related people include Bulgars, Hunnic, Avar, Khazar, perhaps Magyar...), while I2a2 Slavic people largely origin from original Slavs and those origin from western linear pottery culture, and from later Serians, Cimmerians (perhaps same as Serians? western linear pottery Thraco-Cimmerians early Slavs I2a R1a is to be associated with steppe Kurgan and Dnieper-Don cultures and later Scythians, Sarmatians, Avars, Oghurs...After the destruction of the tower and the division of the nations, the sons of Shem occupied the eastern regions, and sons of Ham those of the south, and the sons of Japheth the western and the northern lands.