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Oh, well, as with any big event (think of the Bealtaine festivities as the rock festivals of their time), you will always have this.

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The more sedate, older generations would, however, use the flames for their own, mostly domestic rituals.Generally speaking, the feast of Bealtaine marks the beginning of summer, and is strongly associated with fire and fertility rituals.Lighting bonfires, putting up May Bushes, home decorating with flowers, visiting places of power like holy wells, and a abundant celebration of life and living are typical traditions.Which lead some researchers to believe that the May Bush actually is an import into Ireland, not a native tradition.

Readers of high fantasy novels (like “The Mists of Avalon”) will know that Bealtaine was also a time for ... After getting their adrenalin flowing, and testosterone pumping, and some general merrymaking, the young men would snatch up the nubile maidens and have some fun.

Apart from houses, especially doorways and windows, being decorated with flowers, the "May Bush" seems to have been an important part of the celebrations in many communities.

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