Online dating causing divorce rates to rise

19-May-2020 13:34

It was once viewed as an inaccessible minefield by many of the older generation.But now it seems the growing number of ‘silver surfers’ could be behind a surge in another rising trend – ‘silver splitters’.While couples who cohabit prior to marriage have historically exhibited higher divorce rates, Stevenson and Wolfers observe that there is research showing that pre-marital cohabiting may be more common among those with greater uncertainty about either their compatibility or the benefits of marriage.

For example, data from 2000 show that marriage today is less prevalent among young adults but more prevalent among older adults, and that people are waiting longer to get married.

The report added: ‘People aged 65 and over are more likely than ever to be working, and therefore be able to support themselves outside marriage.‘They’re also catching up with younger people in their use of the internet – perhaps trying out online dating?

’Marriage rates – the number of people getting married as a proportion of the rest of the population – rose by a fifth.

In particular, they argue that marriages can no longer be characterized as having household specialization and children as the central tenet.

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These changes mean that couples today have different expectations about the benefits of both forming a union and formalizing that union through marriage.

And more than nine out of ten of the brides and grooms aged 65 and over in 2014 were divorcees, widows or widowers.