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Purchase of sexual services became a criminal offence under a private member's bill brought before Stormont by MLA Lord Morrow, from the evangelical Christian party DUP.Lord Morrow argued criminalisation of buyers would reduce sexual exploitation, while penalising clients but not workers.Sweden’s landmark 1999 sex work legislation—presented as decriminalizing the seller of sex while criminalizing the client—is aggressively marketed as a “progressive solution” to prostitution internationally.Versions of the “Swedish model” have been implemented in Norway, Iceland, and Canada, and last week a version was adopted in Northern Ireland.This makes their situation more precarious, and so reinforces the power of unscrupulous managers.In contrast, New Zealand has decriminalized sex work (the terminology is confusing, but the distinction is important).


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Northern Ireland is the only region of the UK where it is a criminal offence to pay for sex.June 2 was the 40th anniversary of the occupation of churches in France in Lyon, notably Saint-Nizier, by sex workers protesting police brutality and heavy fines.When the French police threatened to take custody of the sex workers’ children, the protesters were joined in the church by local non-sex working women, who dared the police to try to discern who was a prostitute and who was not.The Belfast High Court has granted leave for a judicial review to be heard into Northern Ireland's sex work laws.

Under current legislation, it is illegal for buyers to pay for sex in Northern Ireland.About this application: This application provides summary profiles showing frequently requested data items from various Office for National Statistics programs.

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