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28-Nov-2019 09:28

Neurologists and psychologists have emphasized the importance of the developmental milestones when it comes to attention (4).

What will happen when this generation of children is required to use attention skills they have not sufficiently developed?

There are physical responses to fear, anxiety, or excitement that all humans experience and are unable to control (3).

Hormones or chemicals such as adrenaline cause increased heart rate and muscle changes for the fight or flight response.

Another important impact that computers have the brain is on chemical responses to emotions.

Computer games or even subliminal images cause neurological reactions in humans.

How will this technology that previous generations have not been raised with impact the neurological development of children?

This paper is an exploration of the habits that computer use reinforces and the impact this has on the development of attention and chemical responses to emotions in the brain.

The development of these habits has serious implications for future generations. I spent 4 years playing computer games 13-20h a day (I am talking about Wo W). Play Station or Xbox are WAY better than PC, because they don't last that much. He can find 100 explanation to WHY he is not addicted and WHY he has to play anyways: he plays anything he can all free time he has (good news: he would not miss his job lol).Between 19 alone, the number of homes with internet access doubled (1).On a neurological level, this is concerning because increased computer use may develop habits that strengthen certain areas of the brain and as a result do not allow others to strengthen to their full potential.Computers present a danger during this stage of development because they stimulate multiple senses simultaneously.

If exposed to computers too much, children do not have the opportunity to develop the ability to pay attention to one activity.Some computer programs provide more opportunities for this development, but the majority does not (4).

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