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"Mmmm....," Allison's breathing became gentle with mewling sighs escaping her parsed lips as her brother sought to ease the sore bottom he had just inflicted.Her woeful blue eyes closed and her hair hung damp, but now stuck to her forehead by the sweat of her exertion withstanding his strident tormenting of her rump. Finding her way to the safe and comfortable surroundings of the library, she escaped the terrible memories of the degrading sexual humiliation she had experienced at the hands of her younger brother. "I told you shave your cunt every day from now on, and you didn't," he complained unhappily. When she'd finally gathered her wits yesterday to raise her abused body, Allison had gone about her day trying to forget the disturbing events of the morning. " Her angry brother stared directly at her bare pussy, with the denuded surface now showing a day's growth in the form of dark stubbly follicles. I figured that out years ago," he snickered, then his voice grew angry. Her brother had gone off the rails yesterday, but Allison had refused to accept it. David didn't even bother to ask Allison to remove the towel she had wrapped around her wet body, instead summarily ripping away the plush cloth. It was a look revealing he was secretly pleased at her recalcitrance.

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David watched attentively as his sister's wide nipples drew into crinkled nubs, and Allison's hips took on a nearly imperceptible squirm as her brother massaged dangerously close to her bare vagina, working her bottom and inner thighs up to the edge of illicit contact.

David's curative palm stayed diligently focused on her ass cheeks for some time. " Allison started briefly when her inquisitive brother slipped the side of his hand into the valley of her butt crack to skim across her tightened anus, traversing the distance to deliver the oil to that most private of areas.