Mysql updating a table from another table

28-Jul-2020 03:16

If you are not sure if you have My SQL installed, I will show you how to check later.If you cannot install (or your web host won't allow) PHP and My SQL you can still use another web host.You can add, remove, edit, backup and view your databases using this and it is especially useful when troubleshooting your databases.Throughout this tutorial I will be showing you some of the basics of using PHP and My SQL together.

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It is an excellent free set of scripts that will provide you with an administrative interface for your My SQL database(s).

Freedom2Surf are a free (banner supported) web host and support PHP and have My SQL installed.

Host Rocket are an excellent web host and can offer you 300MB of space with PHP, My SQL and loads of other extras for under a month.

For many people, the main reson for learning a scripting language like PHP is because of the interaction with databases it can offer.

In this tutorial I will show you how to use PHP and the My SQL database to store information on the web and include it into your website.

To do this I will be using an example all the way through.

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