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The film is directed by Seattle-based SJ Chiro, who grew up on two communes in the ‘70s.

Growing up in a radical context has inspired this film, which is her first feature film after a decade of making short films.

Moenig was arrested by police in barangay Gabi, Cordova last Nov. Based on the investigation conducted by the police, the foreigner allegedly recruited young girls for prostitution With the assistance of the Children’s Legal Bureau, Cordova police rescued a 14-year-old girl inside Moenig’s rented house.

The girl said she was sexually abused by the German.

Katherine Moennig was born with his birth name as Katherine Sian Moennig who was born in December 29, 1977 who is 38 years in age.

Katherine is an American actress who is also known with her other name as Kate Moennig.

Kate has maintained low profile in the social pages as well as responding among her fans.

But she has a very perfect image in her personal accounts.

Evan Rachel Wood is reportedly dating actress Katherine Moennig!

, which tells the story of a 13-year-old girl (played by newcomer Sophia Mitri Schloss) growing up in the counter-culture of Northern California in the 1970s.

Lane, 13, tries to adapt to her mother’s (Katherine Moennig) style of parenting, which is perhaps the opposite of today’s “helicopter” parenting style.

Katherine has not dictated her affair, spouse, dating, children among the social media neither her bio has any elaborated information in regard to this.

Though she is dictated not to be married but still there are rumors of her affair.Along with this she is good as a dancer and her mother is an instructor for her good dancing.