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It started out as a small station, showing funny clips meant for 'common people' and achieved success by running mediocre shows like Reno 911, Mind of Mencia, and comedy roasts, while derailing the runaway success of its greatest show, Chappelle's Show because Dave Chappelle, its creator, didn't want to be as racist as his bosses anymore.

Comedy Central was launched on April Fool's Day of 1991 when HBO (owned by Time Warner) decided to merge its unpopular comedy channel with MTV's program, HA!

Season 3, Episode 11July 22, 2007Mencia does a take on First Gentleman Bill Clinton; Punji, the electronics-store owner, clashes with his customers.

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Also: the announcement of the “So You Think You Can Rant” winner.

It took Comedy Central several years to realize that Colin Quinn was an abomination; his overrated stand-up was awful; he had a major speech impediment as well as massive brain damage; his "Weekend Updates" were only him reading the news some preppie intern from Harvard Lampoon wrote; and yet no one could comprehend how he even got far enough in his career to end up on Saturday Night Live in the first place.

Instead they find a hillbilly by the name of James Deen who's packing enough wood to satisfy both of these city slickers!… continue reading »

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