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Upon impact several of these were buried into the soft sand.

Ordnance Removal In the closing months of 1945 the US forces removed all remaining and easily accessible Japanese ordnance from the ammunition dumps on Wotje, Mile, Taroa and Jaluit.

Two years after the war, the US Army sent an ordnance removal team to the islands formerly held by Japanese garrison troops.

This team, consisting of one ensign, two qualified enlisted men and a local interpreter, worked on Wotje, Jaluit, Taroa, Maloelap, and Mile (Richard 1957: 1124).

The top weapon is an 1862 Colt Navy pocket revolver owned by Civil War hero Capt. In 1863, Ward received the Medal of Honor for leading a party of volunteers to prevent Confederate artillery batteries along the Mississippi near Vicksburg from neutralizing a Union steam tug and two barges loaded with supplies.

The pistol's consignor purchased it more than 40 years ago from Ward's great-great-grandson, Lyons said this week.

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Tonnage of high explosive bombs, naval shells, napalm and rockets directed by U. Army, Navy and Marine units against targets on Kwajalein and Enewetak, Marshall Islands, during the invasion of these islands.

Small quantities were stored in ammunition ready magazines at the gun emplacements, where they were needed. There is no authoritative table that compiles the total of the ammunition used by the US forces.

Some of the ammunition was used up by the Japanese defenders, but much remained unexpended as the guns for which it had been stored were destroyed and made inoperable by U. We have some data compilations for the Marshall Islands.

Most of these dumps were still substantial at the time of surrender. Although the US apparently took great care of the removal of Japanese ordinance from the major stores, there is still a fair amount of ordinance lying about which is definitely of Japanese origin.

The information about previous ordnance removal operations, concerning themselves with scattered ammunition, however, is very limited.Following reports of unexploded ammunition, a third ordnance removal mission was ordered by the U. Navy in 1954, covering Taroa, Maloelap Atoll, and Mile Island, Mile Atoll (CUSPF 1954).

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