Mike he and rainie yang dating 2016

23-Mar-2020 16:40

As far as announcements go, this one caught me totally off guard.On June 3, Mike He posted the joyous event on facebook and said that in spite of the rainstorm, he and his wife have registered their wedding and that it was a good day that no rain or wind can dampen.I still think of Mike He as the devilish boy in the Taiwanese idol drama opposite Rainie Yang in Devil Beside You.I can't believe so many years has passed and he is now a grown man in his thirties entering parenthood.But he still greeted her on her birthday in December 2012. Although she does not strictly fit the demographic of him falling for his leading ladies, she was the second leads.

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Trying to think up of some more details so it wouldn’t clash with my other crime related ones.He openly interacted with her on Weibo and talked about her when asked.