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We turned the little car into a sharp dressed man for just shy of 0.

Whitney and I would travel all over the place in this little car over the next 10,000 miles.

I got my hands on a 1275 block that has been sitting in a guy's shop for 22 years.

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Very little was required for this car other than manipulating the cosmetics for Whitney's personal tastes.Whitney has won prizes, found fantastic scenery, and good times with her weensy roadster.All the while, this Midget has performed amazingly well.The call of the open road lead us on a trip along Route 66.

A weekend camping trip with friends got our classic car caravan stuck in a torrential down pour that had me bailing buckets of water out of my Beetle every 30 miles.

This particular adventure will make use of a 1979 MG Midget, a delightfully fun, inexpensive, and far from politically correct sports car from those plucky Brits.